We know the math behind investing.

Finding the RIGHT investment option is more than scanning MLS and finding something in your price point. It’s far more involved and that is what we love about it. 

We have undertake the vetting process for each potential opportunity before we present them to a client. 

Our preliminary due diligence helps us visualize the returns for our clients and include evaluations of several things including:

  • Finding the TRUE GOI (Gross Operating Income)
  • Calculating all expenses provided by the vendor and adding in reasonable expenses they may have left out.
  • Calculating the NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • Coordinating accurate mortgage payments with our lenders
  • Determining the CFBT (Cash Flow Before Tax)
  • Producing a 1 Year and 5 Year financial overview.
  • and may more things.
Our clients get an in depth overview of each opportunity before we even put pen to paper. We want you feeling comfortable going in on what we expect the returns to be. Your time is valuable so we do the preliminary heavy lifting for you. 

Want to hear a secret? 

Majority of the investment properties we encounter for clients are not on MLS and will never be. Most commercial trades happen through networking with peers who have “exclusive listings.” Thankfully for you – we know A LOT of them. We even run our own commercial group with almost 1,800 members!

We’re connected with the people you want us to know.

Are you thinking about investing and not sure where to begin?

Well you’ve come to the right place! We would LOVE the opportunity to show you the intricacies of investing. Even if you’re just curious about the process and the math behind it. We’re happy to take you for a coffee and explain as much as we can to you for FREE.