What Are Exclusive Listings?

Have you ever seen a “sold sign” on a great property and you never even knew it was for sale? It was probably sold exclusively; through relationships. Let’s face it anyone can put a property on MLS and see what happens but remember when bidding wars were the norm? How many buyers simply didn’t even attempt to make an offer to compete!

So what are they? They are properties that are (usually) available for sale but are not publicized on major platforms such as MLS. Unfortunately, you only get to know about them if someone wants you to. There are many perks and drawbacks to exclusive listings for both sides of the table. Sometimes Seller’s are just “testing the waters” or asking a premium for you to buy it now before it hit’s the market.


There are probably hundreds of properties for sale that are not on MLS. That may sound strange but there are many reasons for it. Some people are perhaps testing the waters, some simply just don’t want the neighbours to know or there are other privacy reasons. We’re involved in several private groups online that share off-market opportunities. You have to be in there to know about them and that can provide our buyers an advantage. 

For example, we just offered on a great mid-town triplex, we got outbid unfortunately by someone in the group but it sold (almost) instantly and the public will never know!

There are lots of opportunities out there, you just need to have the right connections and the right access! 

Here are some examples of exclusives (listings not on MLS) that are available right now (June 20, 2019):

  •  3 Bed/2 Bath Bungalow in Scarborough for $750,000
  •  3 Bed/3 Bath Townhouse in Richmond Hill for $1,049,000
  •  3 Bed/2 Bath Townhouse in Brampton for $550,000


As an investor; this is probably one of the most important articles you are going to read. Even though it doesn’t explain anything to do with investing per say.

Exclusive listings are the backbone of commercial real estate. A vast majority of commercial trades happen off MLS for many reasons including to prevent tenants from seeing a big for sale sign and getting nervous about what may happen.

There are entire groups and platforms dedicated to exclusive listings.

The benefit as well for a buyer is that you typically are among the first few potential buyers to see the opportunity before anyone else which will help ease the rush-to-offer.

Here are some examples of exclusives (listings not on MLS) that are available right now (June 20, 2019):

  • Townhouse Development Site in Mississauga
  • Stacked Townhouse Development Site in Ajax
  • Office Building in North York

The writer of this blog post is a REALTOR® who also manages a group with around 2,500 members. The sole purpose of that international group is to share exclusively listed commercial properties